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Welcome to Dose of Paradise™! You may be thinking that you’ve just stumbled upon another online flower shop selling some roses in a pretty box. Well you’re not wrong, BUT I assure you, we are much more than that. We are a family of innovative minds with an abundance of love and passion. We have a strong appreciation for beauty and always strive for perfection. These are the values of the Dose of Paradise family and we would like to share how our story began. 


The seed was planted at a very young age – backtrack to my coloring book days. I grew up in a single-parent household, where I watched my mother struggle to provide for me and my siblings. For this reason, I made it a priority to make her feel special as often as I could. She loved flowers – I mean who doesn’t? I would buy the nicest bouquet I could find to let her know I appreciated all her efforts, and to show my gratitude for all her sacrifice. The look on her face when she received these flowers was priceless and something I will always cherish. I realized that something as simple as giving flowers would have such a significant impact on the way she felt.


However, the biggest problem with beautiful fresh flowers is that they don’t last as long as we’d like. After a few days, they would start to wilt away and lose their beauty. My mom would insist I stop buying her flowers because she couldn’t enjoy them and didn’t want me to waste money on flowers she would have to throw away so soon. This got me thinking – what if we could make them last longer? Thus, Dose of Paradise was born to share the Luxe Timeless Rose with the world.


The vision for Dose of Paradise is to spread love. We strive to provide beautiful arrangements that last the way love is meant to. Each and every flower is a representation of the beautiful person in your life. Whoever your Dose of Paradise may be, let them know how much they mean to you with these timeless and perfected arrangements.

Our Mission


We here at Dose of Paradise are so inspired by the beautiful women in our lives who have put us first, comforted us, and sacrificed so much to lead us here today, that we want to give back. I know from experience that being a single mother can be difficult and a helping hand is always appreciated. Not only do we want to bring joy to those receiving flowers, but also to those purchasing. A percentage of all proceeds from each Dose of Paradise purchase will go towards local charities that strive to empower, assist, and support all women. We believe success starts with a cause and our cause starts with love.

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